Encaustic Workshops

Encaustic is the art of painting with molten beeswax mixed with colored pigments and resin. The results are like no other medium—mysterious, deep, and translucent, with a glow that seems to emanate from within.

I offer a wide variety of beginning and intermediate workshops throughout the year in my private studio in Portland, Oregon.

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Encaustic Workshops in Portland, Oregon

Introduction to Painting with Cold Wax
Saturday, November 18, 2017 (1 spot just opened)
Sunday, January 28, 2018
All levels welcome

Traditionally cold wax, which is a soft paste of beeswax with a little solvent, is mixed with oil paint and applied to a panel with a variety of tools. It has a fascinating look all its own, and layering properties that are somewhat similar to encaustic. You can build up layers and scrape them back to reveal what's underneath, and you can even include collage and drawing transfers in these paintings.

I'll have lots of materials available for you to experiment with. Join me to expand your ideas on how to use wax in your paintings! Learn more and register here

Annual Holiday Party
Saturday, November 25, 2017. 1 - 6 pm

* Free Encaustic Demonstration at 2 pm*

Join me for my Annual Holiday Party! Many of my paintings will be on sale, plus you can register for my studio classes and buy gift cards for your friends and family while enjoying drinks and snacks. We will also be celebrating Jack's 11th brithday (he's my studio dog, aka #LoveThatJackDog) with a big cake. You'll even get to see some of my paintings in process as I prepare for upcoming shows. Learn more here

Encaustic Open Studio
Next classes on Nov. 28, Dec. 10 or December 12
Choose from the second and fourth Tuesdays, or the first Sunday of every month.
Intermediate level class

Do you ever feel isolated while creating work in your home studio? Or maybe you have such limited space to work that sometimes it doesn't seem worth it to even set it all up? I know this feeling because my first "studio" was my dining room table. My Open Studio sessions address these issues while giving you a fun community of artists to work with on a regular basis. This is an intermediate level class for artists who have taken at least 2 classes with me. Learn more and register here

Introduction to Encaustic Painting
Sun, December 3, 2017 (3 spots left)
Sat, February 3, 2018
Sat, April 7, 2018
All levels welcome

In this easy introduction to working with wax, you'll learn how to lay down the wax without air bubbles and get a smooth finish, as well as how to carve into your wax layers.

I'll have lots of materials available for you to play with, and you can work in any style of painting you choose. Learn more and register here

Introduction to Encaustic & Collage
Saturday, January 6, 2018
Sunday, March 11, 2018
All levels welcome

No painting or drawing experience is necessary for this one day beginning encaustic painting & collage class. You can collage with wax instead of glue to incorporate thin papers, pastels and dried plants once you get used to working with the wax. We will use techniques involving collage, painting, and layering using wax in an assortment of vivid colors. Learn more and register here

Paper Lanterns with Encaustic Monotypes
Sunday, January 21, 2018
All levels welcome

In this quick and easy process you paint directly on the hot palette and press paper onto the painting to pick up a unique print. What you end up with is a painting on paper with a very thin layer of wax and a very different look from anything you would paint directly onto paper or panel.

You'll make lots of little prints that can be used as finished art, original cards or to warm up to work on larger paintings. Use your favorite prints to make beautiful paper lanterns, ready to be illuminated with a votive candle! All levels welcome. Learn more and register here

Making Encaustic Medium & Paint
Saturday, January 27, 2018
All levels welcome

Here's the easiest way to save money on encaustic paiting: Make your own encaustic medium! In this class we'll cook up a big batch of encaustic medium (beeswax and resin) and discuss you how to use that as a base to make encaustic paint using different materials for color. Then you try it! Every student will take home 3 tins of paint and one cake of encaustic medium. All levels welcome. Learn more and register here

Wax Transfers: Photos, Drawings and Rubbings
Sunday, February 11, 2018
Intermediate level class

Transferring images and drawings onto wax gives crisp magical look or a beautifully rustic effect depending on a few simple choices. I'll also show you how to transfer drawings and tracings directly onto your wax with some of my favorite materials including graphite, pastels and colored transfer papers. We'll use a torch to fuse these so if you're not familiar with using one you'll learn that too. Learn more and register here

Special Standby Studio for Returning Students

Many artists have limited space to set up for encaustic painting at home so now you can come paint with me through my Standby Studio option. With Standby Studio you can join any class you have already taken for half price, and either participate in the class or use it as an open studio day to work on your own. Another option is to join one of my Paint Party sessions.

Private Consulting & Painting Sessions

Do you need help planning a project or fixing a specific technical problem that's not covered by one of my classes? I now offer private consultations and assisted painting sessions a few days a month to fit your schedule. All levels welcome. Learn more and register here

Encaustic Workshops Online
Don't live near Oregon? Check out my new online encaustic classes at RobertsonWorkshops.com.

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